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'Distomites in America': a book with the '' personal '' stories of Distomites who at various times, from the beginning of the last century until more recently, emigrated to New Epirus - a journey and a life of 'Tricking Circe' '. She wrote it, scouting in memories, paper-documents, testimonies, old photographs, the Distinguished preeminent writer and poet Kati Manolopoulou, completing a cycle that began with her book or large variations."Heat the stones on the slopes of Distomo", which presents the life of the people of Distomo in the 20th century and the "Inferred June" with testimonies and documents on the destruction of the Distomites by the Germans in June 1944. 

In the book are mentioned biographical stories of 38 Distomites, while nominal references are made to 47 others without biographies, are presented Certificates of Arrival of other 28 Distomites in Ellis Island, '' the island of tears and fear '' in New York ... Also the names of another 51, the Patriotic Association of Distomo, in Chicago.

A book that concerns every Distant Greek-American who is in the village or the United States, every Distomo family who has or had a relative in the United States, each Distomites, and every Greek citizen in general, who wants to learn another human dimension of the modern social history of the place.

"When I started to deal with the inhabitants of Distomo I did not imagine the extent of the subject, it was later realized to me. Neither that the story of each would be a puzzle that had to match a piece of chunk. An attempt to describe, paint, summarize a person's life is a surprise, and there is always the risk of misinterpretation, "says Manolopoulou.

For anyone who loves people's stories is a nice wandering as if you are a little Columbus who slowly finds out not the great continent but the world of a man, sometimes rich or otherwise poorer, like a music with little

The book "Burning Circe - Distortions in America" ​​was published by Vergina Publishing Houses (Bookstore - Publishing Address: 14-16 Pheidi Street, Athens, Attiki 10678 Greece, Telephone: 2103833725, 2103830663 Fax: 2103847090, http: //www.vergbooks .gr) and in DISTOMO you will find it in the Bookstore ROUSAKI, Tel. 2267022055.

A Migratory Stream

Konstantinos Bouras

Leonidas Loucas Panourgias

Ioannis Georgiou Kastritis.

Loukas I. Dimakas

George Dimakas

Matthew or Manthos Dimakas

Dimitrakis Nikolaou Morogiannis (James N. Morris)

Leonidas Moraigiannis (Louis N. Morris)

Daniel Gambrallis 

Dimitrios Konstantinos Kostagiannis 

Nikolaos Konstantinos Kostagiannis 

George Cinias (Ceneas) 

Alexandros Georgiou Kinias 

Plato Kinia (son of Mitsos) 

Municipality of Ioannou Prappa 

Preparation of Kailis

B Migratory Stream

Anastasios-Tasos Dimitrios 


Ioannis Ioannou Spountouris 

Areti Sphountouri 

Froso Sphountouri. 

Gikas Spountouris 

Nikos Spountouris 

Georgios Ioannou Kastritis 

Konstantinos Nikolaos Litsos – 

Assimina Litsou 

Ioannis Georgiou Loukas 

Georgios Dimitrios Dimakas. 

Ioannis Nikolaou Balagoura 

Leonardo Petros Kalegas 

Georgios Nikolaou Perganta 


Dimitra (Toula) Liaskos – Pergina

Elias (Louie) Yiakos

C Migratory Stream

Giorgos Athanasios Kinias

Serafim Athanasiou Kastritis

Dimitrios Theodossiou Kailis - Assimina Stavrou

Dimitrios Ioannou Castritis-Zelias

Dimitrios Efstathiou Pitsos

Ioannis Themistocles Spountouris

Athanasios Kailis