About Us

The Patriotic Society Distomiton was founded officially on March 10, 1912, in Chicago, Illinois, when its first Constitution was formed and ratified. It is one of the only Hellenic eparchial societies in Chicago to have unbroken, active continuity since its inception, for over 105 years. 

The original purpose of the society was to specifically provide financial assistance to the municipality of Distomo, in completing projects of public works; priority being to meet the needs of maintaining the main church of the village, St. Nicholas (Αγιος Νικόλαος). The Society was also one of the founding bodies of the Federation of Sterea Hellas USA and Canada in 1945. The Patriotic Society Distomiton has provided invaluable assistance in the completion of major projects in Distomo -  involving both the Elementary and High Schools, the Athletic Field, Soccer Teas (to name a few) and most recently, in 2010 under the tenure of then President Dimitris Tsekouras, the completion of the church that now stands within the Cemetery. 

Throughout the decades, it has expanded its mission and provided support for its own members in many ways, including offering monetary gifts to ALL graduate students of its member families at the Elementary, High School and University levels; honoring those members who have passed by memoriams.   

The constant has been the purposeful preservation of the Hellenic ideals of Faith, Country and Family, here is the diaspora, passing those traditions, and customs to future generations, by keeping the connections to our roots

The First Executive Board consisted of:


Haralmbos Barlos, President

Loukas Pappaggelis, Vice-President

Loukas Gavrilis, Secretary

Panagiotis Zakkas, Treasurer

Ioannis Sfoundouris, Auditor

Board Members:

Giorgios Koutriaris

Nikolaos Bouras

Theodoros Mourogiannis

Ioannis Mihas